About Austrian photographer, Simon BRUGNER (b.1983)

Simon BRUGNER is interested in research-based photography projects with a strong historical background, utilizing archival material as well as contemporary photography. What he is especially interested in is the question of how forgotten pasts form our present. He obtained a master’s degree in media theory from Technical University of Vienna (Thesis: 'On reality in the age of digital photography'). In 2014 he was accepted for the Anzenberger Masterclass (Vienna; with a.o. Martin PARR, Rob HORNSTRA, Cristina de MIDDEL) and since then selected to take part in several workshops (with Corinne Noordenbos, Lara Almárcegui, RVB Books). In 2016 he was rewarded with a scholarship for promising young artists by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts and Culture. Simon BRUGNER lives in Vienna.

Photo books by Simon BRUGNER

  • 'The Arsenic Eaters' (2018)

The 'The Arsenic Eaters' by Simon BRUGNER explores the historical belief that eating arsenic was healthy. It consists of contemporary photographs as well as archival material and traces the poison eaters to make a connection between history and present.
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