About US-American photographer, Mike BRODIE (b. 1985, in Mesa, AZ)

From 2004 to 2008, Mike BRODIE secretly traveled the United States as a freighthopper, photographing the people he encountered, especially train passengers, vagrants, squatters and vagrants. Initially, he used a Polaroid SX-70 that a friend had given him. When Polaroid discontinued SX-70 film around 2005/2006, he switched to a Nikon F3 and 35mm film. The 35mm format allowed me to shoot more candidly and capture real moments, not staged portraits. (Mike BRODIE). In 2009, Mike BRODIE attended and graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College in Nashville, TN, to pursue a career in the field. His photographic volume 'A Period of Juvenile Prosperity' (2013) is included in the third volume of the photobook history by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, saying that 'what makes this book stand out is the quality of the photographs'. Photographer Alec SOTH included it in his top ten photobooks of 2013: 'Everything about this book is perfect: the size, printing, sequence, cover image, title and essay'.

Photo books by as well as with works by Mike BRODIE

  • 'Subscription Series #1' (2006, together with works by Paul SCHIEK, Ari MARCOPOULOS and Jim GOLDBERG); 'A Period of Juvenile Prosperity' (2013); 'Tones of Dirt and Bone' (2015); 'The Polaroid Kidd' (2023);

The photo publication 'The Polaroid Kidd' by Mike BRODIE consists of fifty Polaroid housed in a gray cardboard case with silkscreen printing. The design is inspired by the punk ethos the people pictured live by and the utilitarian train cars they ride in.
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2nd print run - PARR/BADGER, Vol.III! HC, 28 x 33 cm., 113 pp., English
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