The BöhmKobayashi project is powered by Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber. Both cover an extensive range of personas: photographers and artists, curators and exhibition organizers, designers and art book editors.

Self-produced maquette 'Suits. London, Tokyo, New York 2007-2008 vs. Facts & Fiction 1929-2008' by Katja STUKE focuses on one single theme, suits and how they are worn. Limited to 150 copies.
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'Nationalfeiertag' by German photographer Katja STUKE, combines images from the Chinese National Day in Tiananmen Square with photographs from the commemoration of the 1989 massacre at the same place. Hidden are also texts from 1989 published in Hong Kong
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Pb., 232 pp., 20,5 x 28 cm., black/white laser copy, Ltd. to 10 copies
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'Moon over Konohana' by Katja STUKE includes several 'fake' moons, like illuminated street signs in Japan or company logos & lights in Europe. A central aspect of the dialogue is the consideration of supposed reality & representability of the seen image.
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'Supernatural' by Katja STUKE is the result of a long-term project and limited to 150 copies. The work shows portraits of artistic gymnasts and high diving athletes photographed from a TV screen during the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Beijing & London
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Texte: Marc Feustel (engl.) and Jeffrey Ladd (engl.) Interviews mit: Stefanie Diekmann (dt), Regine Ehleiter (dt), Christoph Hochhäusler (dt), Felix Hoffman (dt), Stefanie Pluta (dt), Linnea Semmerling (dt), Olivier Cablat (engl.), Emilie Lauriol (engl.)
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Oliver SIEBER's artist book is more than a mere list of 'possessions' or a sales catalog. Together with the reference pictures from various projects and the sounds of the equipment, 'For Sale' becomes a photographer's diary of a different kind.
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Open spined pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 14,5 x 21 x 1 cm., approx. 96 pp., 84 full-paged color ills., text language: English
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The figures aren't arranged according to types, instead SIEBER combines images of different color series with b/w shots. In these juxtapositions of styles & locations he creates an 'Imaginary Club', a co-existence of diverse styles that define themselves.
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This volume, 'Paris, 8 Dec 2018. La Ville Lumiere' by Katja STUKE & Oliver SIEBER, documents the six-hour demonstration of the French civil movement 'Mouvement des Gilets jaunes', which led from central squares through main shopping streets of the capital
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