The photo volume 'Thingstätten' edited by Katharina BOSSE deals with open-air theaters and meeting places of National Socialism. Art and documentation, text and image enable an interdisciplinary examination of the significance of the past for the present.
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'Archive of Longing' by Hannah MODIGH contains full-page portraits of homeless women in color. A personal statement by the photographer and a concluding text by Jenny Maria Nilson are also part of the volume. The design is made by book designer Patric LEO
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In his debut book 'We Were Born Before the Wind' Henri PRESTES deals with loneliness as well as melancholy. The pictures were created in the cold months in Portugal, when he often roamed in the dark through small villages, mountains and lonely fields.
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Self-published photo volume 'Handmade' by the Finnish photographer Nina KORHONEN contains over eighty color photographs documenting everyday life in Kochi Prefecture. The text by Yukiko Duke is reproduced in the book in three languages.
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In 'Beautiful, Still,' US-american photographer Colby DEAL documents overlooked communities and cultural traits that are gradually being erased by gentrification, as well as communities of color whose members are often portrayed with negative connotations
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In his volume 'Belfast', Danish photographer Krass CLEMENT revives a thirty-year-old black-and-white series by carefully sequencing previously unpublished images. His work invites the viewer to take his place: a solitary figure walking through the scenery
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The b/w photographs from the 1970s in 'Watarasegawa. Time goes by' by Mitsuru FUJITA show mountains, fields, roads and abandoned places in a place where a disaster occurred in a copper mine in 1880.- testimonies of a past struggle between nature and man.
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The visual document 'Psychodemié' by Antoine D'AGATA reveals human vulnerability during the Covid 19 pandemic. It questions global social and political dynamics in the context of the pandemic against the glowing backdrop of a city confined to hospitals.
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