About the American photographer, Jerry BERNDT (1943-2013)

Jerry BERNDT worked as a photographer for over forty years, employed by newspapers and magazines including the Boston Globe, the New York Times, Newsweek and Paris Match. His work as a photojournalist took him to numerous conflict areas such as San Salvador (1984), Haiti (1986–91), Armenia (1993–94) and Rwanda (2003–04). He taught at Boston University’s College of Fine Art and at the University of Massachusetts. Jerry BERNDT died in Paris in 2013.

Photo books by Jerry BERNDT

  • 'The Homeless: Missing Persons' (1986)
    'Armenia. Portraits of Survival and Hope' (2003)

    'Insight' (2009)

    'Streetwise. Masters of 1960's Photography' (2011, together with works by Robert FRANK, Diane ARBUS, Lee FRIEDLANDER, Bruce DAVDSON, Ruth-Marion BARUCH, Danny LYON, Garry WINOGRAND, Ernest WITHERS)
    'Beautiful America' (2018)

This black-and-white photo volume, 'Beautiful America. 1968-1980', by American photographer Jerry BERNDT documents an important, troubled transitional period in America's recent history and illuminates the literal and ironic aspects of its 'beauty'.
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Out-of-print photo catalog 'Streetwise' brings together the work of photographers who explored social change in the 1960s in the USA: Diane ARBUS, Ruth BARUCH, Jerry BERNDT, Bruce DAVIDSON, Lee FRIEDLANDER, Danny LYON, Garry WINOGRAND & Ernest WITHERS.
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This out-of-print catalog volume of the retropective exhibition 'Insight' shows the multifaceted oeuvre of Jerry BERNDT as a photographer, filmmaker and lyricist and how he tirelessly and astutely criticizes society in its ruthlessness and absurdity.
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