About the Italian photographer, Gabriele BASILICO (1944 - 2013 in Mailand)

Gabriele BASILICO was an architectural photographer from Milan. He had studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic and began in the late 1970s to photograph the changing urban landscape in Milan's industrial belt. In the 1980s he documented the changes in the port cities of Europe. He became internationally known in the early 1990s for his recordings from Beirut.

Photo books by Gabriele BASILICO (eine Auswahl)

'Entropy and Urban Space' (2017); 'Iran 1970' (2017); 'From Istanbul to Shanghai' (2011); 'Stalin’s City Today' (2009); 'Cityscapes' (2008); 'Silicon Valley, 07' (2008); 'Workbook / Carnet de Travail. 1969–2006' (2006); 'Photobooks 1978-2005' (2006); 'Beirut 1991' (2020, 2003); 'Berlin' (2002)