About the British Photographer, Shirley BAKER (1932-2104)

Shirley BAKER was one of Britain's most compelling but underexposed social documentary photographers. Her street photography of the working class in inner cities, taken between 1960 and 1981, was to define her humanist vision. Her curiosity and commitment to the everyday world that surrounded her led to many different strands of work, many of which have yet to be exhibited. Each of these strands confirms her keen observation, visual humor, and compassion for the lives of ordinary people as distinctive in her exploration of post-war British culture.

Photo books on the work of Shirley BAKER.

'Shirley Baker' (2019, by Lou Stoppard)

'Shirley BAKER' presents a uniquely female portrayal of life from the 1950s to 2000. Edited by Lou Stoppard it features better known photographs from Manchester, Salford & Blackpool combined with previously unseen material from UK, France, Italy & Japan.
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