About the Norwegian photographer, Morten ANDERSEN (b. 1965, in Akershus)

Morten ANDERSEN started making fanzines and taking pictures of friends in punk rock bands in 1980. Beneath shooting for bands and Norwegian music press during the 1980s, also worked in the darkroom at a daily Oslo newspaper before moving to NYC and studiing there photography at ICP in 1990. He has had his first solo exhibition at Fotogalleriet in Oslo 1992, since then several international exhibitions. The exhibition 'Photography Book Dummies' at ICP (2008) featured projects by Morten ANDERSEN besides those of Esther Levine, Leigh LEDARE. He (self) published until today 18 mostly self designed photo volumes.

Photo books by Morten ANDERSEN

'Fast City' (1999); 'Days of Night' (2003); 'Oslo F.' (2005); 'Leira' (2006); 'White Nights' (2006); 'Fast/Days' (2007); 'ASS TIME GOES BY. Turbonegro 1990-98' (2008); 'Blå Skog/Blue Forest' (2009); 'Jetlag and Alcohol' (2009); 'Color F' (2010); 'M in M' (2011); 'Black and Blue' (2011); 'Flying, Bodø 85/86' (2012); '16 Bilder / Lost Dogs' (2012); 'Untitled Cities' (2013); 'Stock' (2014); 'Never Mind The Bollocks Here's Photo Nice' (2014); 'Girls Just wanna Have Fun' (2014); 'Now I Wanna Be Your Dog. Antoine D'Agata' (2015); 'TOKYO 20002002' (2016); 'Country Rock' (2017); 'Fast Cities' (2018).

For this really small black and white photo volume, 'Now I want to be your dog', the photographer Morten ANDERSEN exhumed his portraits of his French friend Antoine D'AGATA during their studies together at the ICP in New York in the early 1990s.
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The accordion volume 'New York 1989-93', is the first in a series of twelve volumes that are intended to make the person Antoine D'AGATA, a hypothetical double, tangible. Two coupled existences, where one cannot exist without the virtuality of the other.
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In 'Conversations', Rémi Coignet explores in interviews the question of what role the photo book plays in the work of photographers, designers & publishers and how their titles are conceived. Two more volumes with interviews have been published until now.
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This self-published book, 'Untitled. Cities' by Morten ANDERSEN, questions rules & categories against an urban background. Through the mixture of genres, reality & science fiction, as well as b/w & color photographs, he takes this process to the extreme.
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This out-of-print photo volume, 'Jetlag and Alcohol' by Morten ANDERSEN, is both a visual diary and a profound portrait of the city of New York. The b/w photographs in it take you into a multifaceted cityscape.
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The reissued 'Oslo F.' by Morten ANDERSEN documents architectural details, graffiti, objects, plants as well as vegetation of the capital in the north. The book title was inspired by the films 'Christiane F. from Zoo Station' as well as 'Døden på Oslo S.'
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With Photoworks by Michael ACKERMAN / Morten ANDERSEN / Thorsten KIRCHHOFF / Peer KUGLER / André LÜTZEN / Hisashi MURAYAMA & Filippo ROMANO
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The photo volume 'Country.Rock' by Morten ANDERSEN is about the escape from current political and social failures as well as myths and dreams. It features nature and documentary photos against the backdrop of a sci-fi-inspired, post-apocalyptic narrative.
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 18 x 24 x 2 cm., 288 pp. 144 ills., text language: English
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