About Hungarian photographer Andi SCHMIED

Andi SCHMIED is a visual artist and architect based in Budapest, Hungary, graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. The focus of her installations, videos, and printed work is the architectural framing of social space. She uncovers unexpected human behaviors and urban anomalies—places that, for one reason or another, do not follow conventional logic, yet remain part of our cityscape. These vary from areas that have deviated far from their originally planned function (Jing Jin City), utopian architectures (Noguchi Town), or spaces of privilege (Private Views).

Photo books by Andi SCHMIED

'Private Views. A Highrise Panorama of Manhattan' (2021)

Photo volume 'Private Views. A Highrise Panorama of Manhattan' by Andi SCHMIED provides views from the tallest buildings in Manhattan, for example over Central Park, or from the bathroom in Calacatta Tucci marble with a view of the Empire State Building.
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