Crossfading of human bodies in the karst coastal landscape of the Crimean peninsula. The protagonists were taken from contemporary history & the present. MIKHAILOV reproduces here the history of photographic image production in resolution and form finding
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In 'Diary' Boris MIKHAILOV tells about his life: Historical, but above all private memories in notes, colorings, crossings out, scratches, stains & photo fixing adhesive strips. A poignant chronicle, often ruthless and cynical, carried by the love of life
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'Negatives are Stored' by Vladyslav KRASNOSHCHOK is an object of a wooden box with 53 colored reproductions of cabinet portraits and business cards. The originals are from Kharkov, initially the photographer only wanted to save them from their destruction
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In 'Temptation of Life' by Boris MIKHAILOV, older images enter into a dialogue with those from 2017, taken in a Soviet-era Kiev crematorium, as well as in decaying corners of Eastern & Western European cities and in bedrooms and hospitals, and night bars.
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The out-of-print book 'Escape' by Danila TKACHENKO is about men who have turned their backs on society to live alone in the wilderness of the Russian and Ukrainian forests. It raises the question of their own personal freedom and the possible consequences
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'The Wedding' by Boris MIKHAILOV contains a photo series of a simulated wedding between two homeless people, in the midst of their own environment. It is bound in imitation of a traditional wedding album, with imitation leather and gold embossed lettering
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In out-of-print 'Down and Out in Moscow', Miron ZOWNIR documents the (over)life of homeless and desperate people in sometimes unbearable images. He thus illustrates the decline of the former USSR; an unsparing look at street life in the Russian capital.
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The photos in 'InselWesen' by Mila TESHAIEVA are reminiscent of old paintings. They depict Föhr island as a dream world and emphasize the fragility of its real existence. Föhr's inhabitants feel connected to traditions & nature in an almost sacred way.
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The volume '1965-2022. From "Blue Horse" till now days' examines the photo work of one of Ukrainian artist Boris Mikhailov. For over 50 years, he has been developing an experimental photographic oeuvre in which he deals with social and political issues.
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This series reflects the reputation of the sensory perception of life. It corresponded to the worldview of the Soviet of the 1960-70s, which began to recognize the duality of life. This was accompanied by changes in society and democratization in the USSR
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