'Casa de Campo' is a photographic fable by Antonio M. XOUBANOVA rooted firmly in the realities of Madrid’s largest public park. He wandered the paths of this urban woodland examining the people, animals and objects he saw as if he was on uncommon ground.
  • Ed(s)/Author(s): Luis Lopez
  • Format: Linen bound HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 15 x 21 x 2 cm., 144 pp., 72 color ills., text language: English
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For his volume 'Wall and Peace', Kai WIEDENHÖFER has documented walls and barrier fences all over the world: in Berlin, Belfast, Mexico, Ceuta & Melilla, in Baghdad and the wall on the border line with the West Bank, with the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Egypt.
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This volume, 'Gerda Taro. The Inventing des Robert Capa' by Jane Rogoyska, traces the life of Gerda TARO and reveals the depth of her relationship with Robert CAPA. Charismatic & very special they embodied one of the most turbulent periods of the century.
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Robert CAPA is considered to be the founder of photojournalism. His impressive photos of the Spanish Civil War made the passionate opponent of war world over night famous. In addition to most famous works, this portfolio also presents rediscovered images.
  • Format: HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 28 x 36 x 1,5 cm., 96 pp., highly illustrated in color & b/w, bilingual text: English & German
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'Der Riss' is an unusual graphic novel: a photo & travel report with authentic images as a comic. The photographer Carlos SPOTTORNO and the journalist Guillermo Abril traveled to the external border of the EU, to Melilla, the Spanish enclave in Morocco.
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In her German-language volume 'Das Leiden anderer betrachten,' Susan Sontag recapitulates the historical development of war photography from Spanish Civil War to Afghanistan, and asks: what does the sight of a suffering human being trigger in the viewer?
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The photo book 'Vanished Spain. España Años 50' offers a comprehensive insight into the photography of Spanish filmaker Carlos SAURA, focussed on his b/w work of the 1950s: convincing images of landscapes, villages, bullfights & people from another time.
  • Format: HC with dust jacket, 25,5 x 29 x 3 cm., 256 pp., b/w ills., 2,000 gr., text language: English
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A humorous documentary film that shows how a photo book is created and watches 'real characters' at work: filmmaker Xarlos SAURA & publisher Gerhard Steidl.
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This series in 'Waiting Game' was taken along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. To achieve his goal, Txema SALVANS approached disguised as a surveyor - the only way to carry out this halfway project between sociological dissection & naturalistic narrative.
  • Photographer(s): Txema SALVANS (ES)
  • Ed(s)/Author(s): Martin Parr
  • Format: Linen bound HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 33 x 24,5 x 1,5 cm., 88 pp., 40 color ills.
  • Language(s): English
  • Year of Release: 2014
  • Publisher: RM Editorial, ES
  • Print run details: 1st print run, out of print
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Perfect Day' by Txema SALVANS shows Spain's holidaymakers in unexpected corners of the post-industrial landscape.The pursuit of leisure time defies the built environment with a deeply human determination to find peace against all odds.
  • Photographer(s): Txelma SALVANS (ES)
  • Ed(s)/Author(s): Joao FONTCUBERTA (text)
  • Book design: Morgan CROWCROFT-BROWN, UK
  • Format: HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 27,5 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 100 pp., color ills.
  • Language(s): English
  • Year of Release: 2020
  • Publisher: Mack Books, UK
  • Print run details: 1st print run
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