'Kölner Heil (Cologne Salvation). 1986-1996' by Bernd ARNOLD examines the power & rituals of the Catholic Church in Cologne as well as an autonomous system of salvation in its power structures, which lives on seemingly untouched by all the developments.
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In her photo volume titled 'Veiled. Too busy being awesome', Saskia AUKEMA deals with the niqab: the face veil. Here she shows a world that remains forever hidden from most. Interview fragments add depth to the photos, for which she was awarded in 2016.
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For his out-of-print photo volume 'New Dutch Views', Marwan BASSIOUNI visited outlying suburbs to photograph typical views framed by mosque windows. The result is a mixed representation of identity, society, and the portrayal of Islam in Western culture.
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As a continuation of the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible, this volume, 'The Last Testament' by Norwegian photographer Jonas BENDIKSEN, presents visual accounts and stories of seven men around the world who claim to be the Second Coming of Jesus'.
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In her photographic volume 'Inventur' Mira BERGMÜLLER gives insight into rooms of the collegiate church St. Margarethen, describing the church from its everyday use and thus sharpens the view for art and architecture as witnesses of a history of faith.
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For her book 'Hafiz', Sabiha ÇIMEN documented the life at Koranic schools for girls in Turkey for three years. A return to schools as she once visited them with her twin sister. The title refers to someone who has memorized all 604 pages of the Holy Quran
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Singer sewn, pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), printed on golden paper, 20 x 28 x 1 cm., 40 pp., color ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 100 copies
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'Hidden Islam' by Nicoló DEGIORGIS shows Muslim places of prayer in Northern Italy. First architectural documentation until the interiors are 'discovered'. Important in connection with '9/11' and the consequences for the Christian-Muslim relationship.
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This monograph, 'Cristóbal Hara. Spanish Colour 1985-2020', brings together the color photographs of the legend, who sees himself in the tradition of Spanish painting. His subjects are everyday life, bullfighting, and again and again the Catholic religion
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