Photo & text book 'Man redet immer zu viel' (You always talk too much) contains twelve interviews with Henri CARTIER-BRESSON from almost fifty years. In view of the flood of secondary literature, he provides authentic information about his life and work.
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'Mining Photography: The Ecological Footprint of Image Production' is dedicated to the material history of key raw materials in the context of photography, their dependence and establishs the connection to the history of mining, disposal & climate change.
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Out-of-print, German-English language 'Dear Aby Warburg. What can be done with images?' traces the specific artistic practice in dealing with photographic material and makes it clear that context & actualization are decisive for the meaning of photographs
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In 'Ordnungen der Fotografie' (Orders of Photography), Florian Fischer devotes himself to the existing photographic systems of order, examines programmatic terms - documentary, staged, abstract and conceptual photography - and re-locates them in a model.
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'Fotografen sehen Köln' contains works by Cologne photographers such as August Sander, Werner Mantz, August Kreyenkamp, Karl Hugo Schmölz, Heinrich Ewertz a.o., which show the historical upheavals and the rapid development of the medium of photography.
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The volume 'The Absolute Realist' by Daniel H. Magilow unites in one volume the skillful ideas of Albert RENGER-PATZSCH about the defining visual medium of modernity. It's the first English translation of the German photographer's collected writings.
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In his 'The Americans List II' Jason ESKENAZI collected answers by photographers visiting the 'Looking In' exhibition about 'The Americans' by Robert FRANK, choosing their favorite image and why. The book could to become a classic in photography education
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In 'Nun stirbt der Traum Paris' (Now Paris dream dies), Kerstin Stremmel traces a short history of the photo studio by examining stage sets from various productions using historical sketches & photos. A good overview of the multi-faceted events on stage.
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'Im Schatten des Kongo' (In the Shadow of the Congo) contains images of stereophotographs produced by Leo FROBENIUS between 1904 and 1906 using the anaglyph process. The book was published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum der Weltkulturen.
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