HC with dust jacket, 27 x 25 cm., 263 pp., b/w ills., English
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A collection of various photo book titles by the US-american photographer Robert FRANK (1924-2019). The titles listed in this set are out of print and / or signed. This complete offer can include various editions of the same title.
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'Haunts' can be seen as part two of a trilogy that started with 'Trying to Dance'. Central for JH ENGSTRÖM's photographs is the strong feeling of being in an endless presence. The confrontation between 'Now' and the photographer's memories is inevitable.
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HC, 15 x 21 cm., 48 pp., Ltd. to 750 copies
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'Contacts' is a collection of William KLEIN’s famous contact sheets. The most important works of this great artist have been chosen and printed from these contact sheets, which can be either detached and framed or kept in their original form in the book.
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Reconstruction followed the civil war raging in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990. McPHERSON's color images in this publication should demonstrate that the goal of making Beirut's inner city the most beautiful city center in the Middle East has been achieved.
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HC in slipsleeve, 22 x 27 cm., 92 pp., 84 b/w ills., English / Russian, Ltd. to 500 numb. copies
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HC, 26 x 31 cm., 96 pp., Paper: 186 gsm Mitsubishi Super Matte Art
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'Veins' is a collaboration between Anders PETERSEN and Jacob AUE SOBOL, which results from a joint exhibition of their works that was first shown in August / September 2013 at the Latvian Art Academy in Riga.
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