In the 1930s, Werner MANTZ was commissioned to produce an extensive photographic documentation. In the photo book 'On Coal Mining in Limburg' this work is presented as an important historical document of a glorious era in the style of New Objectivity.
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'Outside Room 8' by Lotte BRONSGEEST presents a documentary of the life of Geert Broertjes after his cancer diagnosis. It visualizes the patient experience with common cancer treatments by subjecting film reels and negatives to the same healing procedures
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Pb. 23 x 30 x 2,5 cm., 240 pp., color ills., bilingual text: Dutch / English
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued, 12 x 17 x 1 cm., 70 pp., 64 b/w ills., bilingual texts Dutch / English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 24 x 30,5 x 1,5 cm., 64 ills., color ills., text language: English
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Out-of-print 'Werner Bischof. Pictures' presents the work, which is in the area of tension between art and reportage and was created in a short time because of the early death of the photographer. It also contains the color photographs he took in the USA.
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The book 'The Naval Base' is about a Dutch town that was built, bombed and rebuilt by the government. Rob HORNSTRA documents how people live in and with the naval base. The photos are accompanied by text and commentary; the design is by KUMMER & HERRMAN.
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Collector's Edition as boxed set, within 1 book + signed BarytPrint, Ltd. to 35 copies
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 17 x 24,5 x 1 cm., 40 pp., 40 color ills., text language: English
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