SC (no dust jacket, as issued), 14 x 20 cm., 64 pp., color illustrated in risograph quadtone printing., English, Ltd. to 250 copies
240,00 € *
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 14,5 x 18,5 cm. (pocket sized), 192 pp., English
240,00 € *
Facsimile of the first book by GILBERT & GEORGE, first published in 1971. 'Side by Side' it is a proclamation of their view of life and art in the form of poetic texts & pictures. The envelope was marbled by hand and every book is numbered and signed.
198,00 € *
'La Résidence' by JH ENGSTROEM, consists of 29 snapshot-like triptychs interspersed with his typically restrained images on borderless double-page spreads and brief diary commentary. JH intends to make the absurdity of human existence profoundly tangible.
120,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
The out-of-print book 'Fires' by Ron JUDE is about Manzanar, one of ten resettlement camps of the Second World War, and tells of the assimilation of this dark side of US history. The publication is a groundbreaking, essential part of understanding history
120,00 € * Weight 0.2 kg
HC, 28 x 35 cm., 200 pp.
98,00 € *
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 20,5 x 26 x 2 cm., 120 pp., 52 color ills., English, Ltd. to 450 numbered copies
98,00 € * Weight 0.7 kg
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 30 x 22,5 x 2 cm., 156 pp., 72 color ills., 800 gr., text language: English, Ltd. to 1,000 copies
58,00 € *
This catalog volume, accompanying an exhibition celebrating his 100th birthday, is the first comprehensive tribute to WOLS' photographic work. Catalog & exhibition move away from the 'myth of Wols' and focus on his artistic achievement.
58,00 € *
This out-of-print catalog volume of the retropective exhibition 'Insight' shows the multifaceted oeuvre of Jerry BERNDT as a photographer, filmmaker and lyricist and how he tirelessly and astutely criticizes society in its ruthlessness and absurdity.
from 55,00 € Weight 1.7 kg