The book 'Landscapes for the Homeless' was published on the occasion of the awarding of the DG Bank Forderpreis to Anthony HERNANDEZ in 1995. It begins with a dialogue between him and Lewis BALTZ, followed by photographs documenting places of the homeless
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This expanded, revised edition of 'Los Angeles Spring' - one of Robert ADAMS' most influential series - shows what was left of those citrus groves, eucalyptus trees and palms that once flourished there in the 1970s and 1980s when he returned to L.A. Basin
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The out-of-print volume 'Marilyn Monroe' by US-American photographer Bert STERN contains a selection of the most beautiful color & b/w images taken during Marilyn's 'Last Sitting' 1962 in los Angeles, pictures of indescribable sensual and human charisma.
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Out-of-print volume 'Los Angeles 1964' by Magnum photographer Bruce DAVIDSON contains previously unpublished photographs from Los Angeles. He had been sent there by a magazine, but the publication of the pictures had been rejected for undisclosed reasons.
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'Sons of Adam. Landscapes for the Homeless II' by Anthony HERNANDEZ accompanied two exhibitions in 1997. It begins with texts by Regis Durand and Christophe Blaser, followed by a collection of color photographs showing where and how homeless people live.
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The 'Fingerprint'-Box by Jim GOLDBERG includes many never-before-seen Polaroids from the 'Raised-by-Wolves' project. The 45 loose, boxed facsimile Polaroids create a new, intimate and fragmented representation of this classic photograph.
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The photo volume 'Scapes' by American John DIVOLA contains some of his renowned series like 'Four Landscapes', 'As Far As I Could Get' and 'Dogs chaising my car in the desert'. The books on these have long been out of print. The essay is by David Campany.
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This out-of-print photo volume, 'Passé Imparfait: La Route de devenir photographe,' by Ralph GIBSON, surveys the beginnings of the American photographer's career in San Francisco (1960 to 1963), Los Angeles (1963 to 1966), and New York in 1967 - 1970).
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The out-of-print photo book 'Drive' by Andrew BUSH presents a voyeuristic look at Los Angeles motorists in their own driving living rooms. The captions are tantamount to notes on the speed and direction of travel he made during sue accompanying drive.
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In 'Rodeo Drive' Anthony HERNANDEZ not only documents the urban live, his photos also show the complexity of social spaces. In a single shopping street, which is a symbol of civic success, the socio-economic tensions between the classes become visible.
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