In her rare, out-of-print volume 'Dildo', published in a very limited edition of only 55 copies, Japanese photographer Momo OKABE accompanies her friends in their transformation from woman to man. She developed her intimate, artistic photographs by hand.
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Offered here is a set of various photobook titles by American photographer Mitch EPSTEIN (b. 1952). Some of the titles in this set are out of print. The 'Little Mitch Epstein Photobook Library' consists of twelve titles.
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The out-of-print volume 'Early Works' by Issei SUDA contains black-and-white photographs that were published in several magazines between 1970 and 1975, prior to the 'Fushikaden' series - this photo collection is like a prologue to his personal history.
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'Die Rache der Erinnerung' is a vinyl record by six renowned German painters (Markus Oehlen, Albert Oehlen, Jörg Immendorf, Werner Büttner, Martin Kippenberger, A.R. Penck), recorded in 1984. It includes a b/w poster of the performance, taken in a sauna.
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'Good Morning, America (Vol.1)' by Mark POWER is a personal and contemporary exploration of both the American cultural and physical landscape and the divergence of reality and myth. It's the first of five volumes to be released over the next five years.
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In 'A,' Gregory HALPERN takes us on a ramble through the Rust Belt.... The cities he is drawn to - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Omaha, Detroit - have a similar history to his hometown, and in this post-apocalyptic spring, all forms of life emerge and run riot.
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HC (without dust jacket, as issued), 24 x 32 cm., 127 photographs (86 color & 41 b/w) / 4 collages / 1 composite, English, Ltd. to 1,000 copies
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This revised new edition of the photo volume 'American Prospects' by Joel STERNFELD contains 12 new images, most of which have never been published or exhibited before. It includes portraits in the landscape that illustrate the human condition in America.
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The photographs in out-of-print, large-formated 'New York Arbor' by Mitch EPSTEIN document the importance of trees to urban life in NYC, as well as their complex relationship with the residents. The superb printing makes viewing a breathtaking experience.
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Out-of-print photo volume 'Novemberrejse' by Krass CLEMENT consists of almost 80 b/w photographs showing life in a small Danish town. Every now and then the Danish photographer chooses unexpected angles and portrays some people from the shortest distance.
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