HC (no dust jacket, as issued) WITH 1 ORIGINAL POLAROID, 14,5 x 18,5 cm., 16 pp., 11 four-color plates, text language: English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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The out-of-print photo volume 'Luc Delahaye 2006 2010' indicate an approach, where the unromantic clarity of the documentary style contradicts the dramatic intensity of the 'tableau' form, to reflect on the relationship between art, history & information.
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'Deana Lawson' accompanies her first comprehensive museum survey exhibition. A singular voice, she has been investigating and challenging conventional representations of black identities in the African American and African diaspora for over fifteen years.
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Out-of-print 'State' by Paolo WOODS takes an investigative look at Haiti describing a dynamic that is at work in all developing countries: international organizations vs. local government, civil society vs. executive power, private money vs. public money.
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The four-photo-volumes-set 'HAITI. The Perpetual Liberation' by Thomas KERN is a moving portrait of a country, a special example of the power of analog b/w photography and an essay that creates a differentiated and emotionally moving picture of Haiti.
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