by Patrick Rössler (ed.) Linen bound HC, 17 x 24 cm., 480 pp., richly illustrated, trilingual text: German / English / French
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The book 'Vivian Maier und der gespiegelte Blick' (V.M.and the Mirrored Gaze) by Nadja Köffler, approaches the images in an analytic way and, as a counter-response to the media mystification, searches for the feminist tenor and artistic self-understanding
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This version of the photographic volume 'The Other Side' by Nan GOLDIN is an expanded and updated version of her landmark book first published in 1993. The new edition appears at a time when the discourse on gender and sexual orientation is evolving.
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The out-of-print photo volume, 'Objects of Beauty' features eleven series by Joy GREGORY - exquisite objects that explore the representation of black women. Each series is contextualized by a commentary by the artist. With a short essay by Deborah Willis.
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In out-of-print photo volume 'Matriarchs', Austrian photographer Maria HAAS focuses on the investigation of cultures in which women have a special status. She opens these cultures to the viewer and captures their beauty and vitality in sensitive portraits
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 23 x 31 x 1,5 cm., 144 pp., b/w & color ills., 1,100 gr., text language: English
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Catalog of the factory show in UK. 'Linderism' opens up new perspectives on the artist's work. The essays deal with the early photomontages and more recent developments in her work, in which a focus on spirituality, the occult and the surreal can be seen.
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In the volume 'Mujercitos' Susan Vargas analyses photographs of men dressed as women published in the Mexican newspaper ¡Alarma! between 1963 and 1986. It shows how these images extensively influenced a national imaginary of non-normative sexualities.
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In 'The Hero Mother', Peter PUKLUS deconstructs and questions the dynamics of established female and male roles. His exploration breaks down the traditional symbols associated with maternal and paternal figures in a way that is both playful and critical.
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