This photo volume, '10 Jahre Hambacher Forst', tells the stories of the people who fought for the preservation of Hambach Forest, Germany, in a combination of artistic as well as activist positions, photographs, original sounds and archive material.
28,00 € *
With works by international photographers Michele TAGLIAFERRI, Lieko SHIGA, Bernardita MORELLO, Gregory HALPERN, Marten LANGE, Miren PASTOR, Ricardo CASES, Go ITAMI
8,00 € *
by Colin Westerbeck (ed.). HC with dust jacket, 29 x 29 x 2 cm., 120 pp., 100 b/w & color ills., text language: English
19,80 € *
'Anja Niedringhaus. Bilderkriegerin' accompanied an exhibition held to mark the anniversary of her Pulitzer Prize, and features photographs by the photographer, who was murdered in 2014, as enduring documents of human suffering and the will to survive.
0,00 € * Weight 0.9 kg
'Anonymes. L'Amérique sans nom. Photographie et cinéma' documents the representation of anonymous citizens in US in photos by Walker EVANS, Jeff WALL, Chauncey HARE, Lewis BALTZ, Anthony HERNANDEZ, Bruce GILDEN, Arianna ARCARA & Luc SANTESE, Doug RICKARD.
0,00 € * Weight 0.8 kg
This catalog 'Architecture in Photographs', edited by Gordon Baldwin and published at the same time as the exhibition 'In Focus: Architecture' in 2013/14, covers the history of the medium and includes works from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Century.
19,90 € *
Out-of-print catalog 'Architektur der Obdachlosigkeit (of Homelessness) shows works by Boris MIKHAILOV, Ulrike MYRZIK/Manfred JARISCH, Dayanita SINGH, Wolfgang TILLMANS, John VINK as well as Wolfgang BELLWINKEL and their artistic positions on this topic.
0,00 € *
3x DVD (PAL, Dolby), 429 min., 4:3 - Format, German / English / French
0,00 € *
Long time out-of-print catalog volume 'Aus der Distanz' features works by Bernd and Hilla BECHER as well as by Becher students Andreas GURSKY, Candida HÖFER, Axel HÜTTE, Thomas RUFF, Thomas STRUTH as well as Petra WUNDERLICH. And it contains two texts.
68,00 € *
Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 21 x 24 cm., 144 pp., color ills., bilingual text: German / English
0,00 € *
by Patrick Rössler (ed.) Linen bound HC, 17 x 24 cm., 480 pp., richly illustrated, trilingual text: German / English / French
0,00 € *
HC with dust jacket, 18,5 x 24 x 2,5 cm. (9,5 x 7 in.), 190 pp., 120 duotone b/w ills., text language: English
0,00 € *
In 'Claude Cahuns Poesie des Objekts' (C.C.'s Poetry of the Object), Kat Lawinia Gorska focuses on the underestimated aspects of her artistic & literary activity from a media-philosophical perspective and thus sheds a completely new light on Claude CAHUN.
40,00 € *
In 'Das Perfekte Bild' (Perfect Picture), Paul Lowe uses famous photographs to explain the most important tricks of the trade and covers every genre In addition, the book offers helpful tips on career planning and self-marketing for aspiring photographers
20,00 € * Weight 0.5 kg
38,00 € *
'Die ersten 30 Jahre - Photographie' presents the 'Schule Friedl Kubelka für künstlerische Photographie', the private school for photography in Austria, which is still influential. With photographs and an interview with the founder & the current director.
33,00 € *
The catalog volume for the exhibition 'Die Neue Sachlichkeit' at Centre Pompidou shows 32 photographs by August SANDER, surrounded by artists and subjects from painting & sculpture, design & architecture, photography, film & graphics, theater & literature
78,00 € *
'FOTO.BUCH.KUNST. Umbruch und Neuorientierung in der Buchgestaltung' (Upheaval and Reorientation in Book Design) presents examples of the interaction between books and photography that have since fallen somewhat into oblivion but are well worth looking at
38,80 € *
'Fotografien werden Bilder' contains works by 9 Becher class graduates Volker DÖHNE, Andreas GURSKY, Candida HÖFER, Alex HÜTTE, Tata RONKHOLZ, Thomas RUFF, Jörg SASSE, Thomas STRUTH and Petra WUNDERLICH, who have reformulated the perception of photography
0,00 € *
by Nina Kloepper (ed.) With photo works by Karl BLOSSFELDT, Alfred EHRHARDT, Bernd und Hilla BECHER, Hiroshi SUGIMOTO and Claudia FÄHRENKEMPER
49,00 € *
with photographs by Rudolf HOLTAPPEL, Brigitte KRAEMER, Bettina STEINACKER - Gebundene Ausgabe, 22,5 x 31 x 2 cm., 208 S., Farb- und S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
29,95 € *
Text and photo works by Dona ABBOUD, Christoph BANGERT, Lars Bauernschmitt, Adam Broomberg & Oliver CHANARIN, Edmund CLARK, Ad VAN DENDEREN and many more
28,00 € * Weight 1.4 kg
Timm RAUTERT accompanied his teaching activities at the HGB with publications, in which mainly works by his students were shown. Kalte Herzen' contains photos and videos by Ulrich GEBERT, Florian EBNER, Aymeric FOUQUEZ and Johanna DIEHL, among others.
24,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
'Kino in Köln' (Cinema in Cologne) offers an in-depth look at the cinema city. From the 1st cinema, to boarding houses, film palaces & box cinemas, to multiplex. Owners & employees report on stars & premieres, the great crisis and the boom of mainstream.
24,95 € * Weight 1.2 kg
'Koks und Cola. Das Ruhrgebiet der 1950er Jahre' (the Ruhr Area in the 50s) offers a moving look at the region that was once the engine of the economic miracle, selected from 100s of thousands of photos, in large format and new, high-resolution technology
248,00 € *
Photo montage is mostly associated with avant-garde modernism as an aesthetic design principle. Here, for the first time, there is a comprehensive reminder that assemblies by TALBOT, DAGUERRE & ENSLEN already existed before HAUSMANN, HEARTFIELD & HÖCH.
39,00 € *
The out-of-print catalog 'Land_Scope' presents a variety of ways in which photo artists such as BIALOBRZESKI, DEVLIN, EGGLESTON, GHIRRI, GÜTSCHOW, HÜTTE, JOHNE, KEETMAN, MOSSE, RIEBESEHL, RUFF, SHORE, SUGIMOTO approach the landscape.
0,00 € *
In 'Made Realities' Thomas DEMAND, Philip-Lorca DiCORCIA, Andreas GURSKY & Jeff WALL use the momentary nature of photography to create their views on reality, playing with the perception, irritating & inviting to an own interpretation of what is depicted.
24,90 €
'Men like Hitler' shows more than 100 private photos of men taken before 1945. Admittedly, the moustache on its own does not make someone a Nazi. But the men must have been known whom they resembled and owned the likeness when they looked in the mirror.
32,00 € *
The photographs in 'After Us the Flood' give the abstract processes and complex interrelationships of the climate crisis a visual form. The international works of the last ten years was often the result of intensive research & cooperation with scientists.
27,00 € *
Boxed set of 10 photo volumes by Jessica BACKHAUS, Gerry BADGER, Harvey BENGE, John GOSSAGE, Todd HIDO, Rob HORNSTRA, Rinko KAWAUCHI, Eva Maria OCHERBAUER, Martin PARR as well as Alec SOTH
198,00 € *
Edited by Walter M. Weiss. Hardcover with dust jacket, 28,5 x 31 cm., 320 S., S/W- & Farb-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
0,00 € *
The bilingual volume contains photo works by Juergen TELLER, Ute & Werner MAHLER, Pari DUKOVIC, Brigitte LACOMBE and Paolo PELLEGRIN. With silk-screened plastic dust jacket, 24 x 32 x 2,5 cm., 352 pp., 158 color ills (plus thumbnails at book's end)
48,00 € *
by von McLaren, Stephen & Bryan Formhals (eds.) - HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 30 x 22 x 4 cm., 320 pp., more than 500 images, text language: English. Thames & Hudson, 2014.
0,00 € *
ARNDT, Gertrud / Irene BAYER / Lotte BEESE / T. Lux FEININGER / Walter FUNKAT / Lucia MOHOLY (among others) - Broschierte Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 21 x 20,5 x 2,5 cm., 248 S., 228 S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
0,00 € *
'Real/Ideal. Photography in Mid-Nineteenth-Century France' accompanied an exhibition at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The catalog explores the early history of photography in France. It focuses on the photographers who worked with paper negatives.
24,95 € * Weight 1.7 kg
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 24 x 31 x 3 cm., 259 pp., 228 dutone b/w & 50 Color ills., text language: German - GERMAN TEXT ONLY! Wienand Verlag, 2014.
0,00 € *
'Rust in Peace. Automobile Discoveries in the USA', features the finds of Heribert NIEHUES. As a classic car fan, he has been traveling through the U.S. for decades and always comes across sensational wrecked cars, which he presents in atmospheric photos.
0,00 € *
This set, 'Short Cut', by Finnish photographers Aapo HUHTA, Akseli VALMUNEN & Filippo ZAMBON - contains three subjective takes on the idea of home and its meaning. Each book is printed on a different paper, with a different technique and silkscreen covers
50,00 € *
Engl. ed., HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 30 x 23 cm., 224 pp., 256 ills., text language: English - German ed. also to pre-order
0,00 €
The catalog accompanies the exhibition SUBJECT AND OBJECT. PHOTO RHINE RUHR and contains many illustrations, current texts and photo-historically significant articles. It examines relationships between different photographic positions that have developed.
39,80 € *
0,00 € *
In the sequel to the successful 'Helsinki School' series, this compendium 'Volume 3. Young Photography by Taik', Timothy Persons presents seventeen young artists and their incredibly multifaceted, experimental works of great technical perfection.
14,95 € *
'The Italian Photobook 1931-1941' by Giorgio Grillo traces the short, intense history of (photo)graphic modernism in Italy - as a medium between autonomous visual research and a 'functional' use in the often overlapping areas of advertising & propaganda.
48,00 € * Weight 1 kg
The volume 'Through the Looking Brain' examines one of the best and most comprehensive collections in the field of conceptual, mainly serial photography. Their spectrum ranges from the 1970s to the present day and includes major works and central groups.
19,80 € * Weight 1.7 kg
'Transgalactic. Photography. Gender. Transition' highlights works by trans and/or queer artists and their authentic testimonies that break gender stereotypes. Texts and images explore the diversity of perspectives on photography, gender and transition.
from 32,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
Photo works by Bernd & Hilla BECHER, Joachim BROHM, Jitka HANZLOVÁ and Rudolf HOLTAPPEL 4 slipcased pb, approx. 28 x 28 x 3 cm., 240 pp., Black & white and color photographs, GERMAN text only
0,00 € *
HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 26 x 31,5 cm., 320 pp., English
38,00 € *
by Fried, Michael (ed). Hardcover with dust jacket, 22 x 28 x 3,5 cm., 433 pp., richly illustrated, German language
58,00 € *