The out-of-print 'Zeitblende' was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous photo agency Magnum. The picture & text book provides an overview of the impressive field of reportage photography that is commensurate with its significance
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The photo volume 'Untitled' by Shin YANAGISAWA is a powerful book that can be fully enjoyed for its delicate, yet coherent composition. 27 years passed since the last publication of a title by this Japanese photographer until this volume was republished.
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In his monograph on Ulrich WÜST, 'The Presence of Something Past,' Gary Van Zante contextualizes the work to American & German urban and landscape photography. With over 200 images, including for the first time some of his leporellos from the title series
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'Francesca Woodman: The Artist's Books' brings together all pages of her artist books in one book. The books convey her sophisticated relationship to narrative & sequence and offer a new understanding of the breadth of her engagement with the book format.
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The out-of-print photo volume, 'Francesca Woodman: Portrait of a Reputation', explores how the young artist found her creativity and unique approach to photography. The works range from studio portraits to self-portraits in the idyllic Colorado landscape.
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This catalog on the oeuvre by Francesca WOODMAN accompanied the exhibitions in San Francisco and at the Guggenheim Museum, NYC. An extraordinary informative essay organizes the critical & art historical literature on the work of the American photographer.
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Two slipcased HC, 20,5 x 26,5 cm., 344 pp., English
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This anthology contains 160 pictures by ninety female photographers to answer the question of whether there is a 'female gaze' in photography. The focus is on the four major subject areas of social reality, family, female body and virtual reality.
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