Out-of-print English reissue of 'The Decisive Moment' by Henri CARTIER-BRESSON as meticulous facsimile of the original. It comes with an additional booklet containing an essay on the history of the famous volume by Centre Pompidou curator Clément Chéroux.
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Held back for 30 years, ambitious photo book 'Whatever You Say, Say Nothing' by Magnum photographer Gilles PERESS takes the language of documentary photography to the extreme and then asks the reader to pause and solve the riddle of meaning for themselves
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'Polaroid SX-70' is a facsimile that was compiled by William EGGLESTON himself and contains the only photos he has ever taken with this medium. It consists of 56 Polaroid shots - made between 1972 and 1981 - assembled by hand in a black leather album.
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Three-photo-volume-set 'The Outlands' by William EGGLESTON are drawn from the photos he made on color transparency film from 1969 to 1974 that formed the basis for 'Chromes' and for the seminal exhibition at the MoMA in 1976 curated by John Szarkowski.
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'The World's First Photobook Was Blue', by ALBÁRRAN CABRERA shows their work as well as explains their artistic process. The title is a reference to Anna ATKINS, the spiral binding to BRASSAI and the book itself is a tribute to photography's complexity.
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‘Siberian Exiles. Lithuania’ by Claudia HEINERMANN, is a journey through history and a story about oppression, abuse of power and crimes against humanity. It is also a story about a people who refused to be broken and to give up their identity and culture
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With the photo book 'La Cucaracha', the South African photographer Pieter HUGO has once again succeeded in creating an impressive social portrait in which he was more interested in the people of Mexico than in the country's architecture or economy.
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Photo volume 'Sleeping by the Mississippi' by Alec SOTH is the result of a series of road trips along the Mississippi River. He captures America's often neglected 'third coast'. The color photographs show an eclectic mix of people, landscapes & interiors.
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'Chroma' contains a photo series that originated in the early 1980s when John DIVOLA was looking for more stable material, such as the artificial, industrial cibachrome - very flawed for conventional images, but with properties that produced these images.
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The SIGNED photo volume set 'The Citadel' by Mame-Diarra NIANG is the story of an inner journey: the volumes 'Metropolis', 'At the Wall' and 'Sahel Gris' show a personal, analytical relationship with place, without city names or geographical coordinates.
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