About the American photographer, Terri WEIFENBACH (b.1957 in NYC)

Terri WEIFENBACH made her Bachelor of Arts in 1978 at University of Maryland. In 2015 the received a Guggenheim Fellowship. Terri Weifenbach spent a dozen years from her early twenties living in New Mexico and California. She now resides in Paris, France. Bookmaking is central to her artistic practice. 'In Your Dreams' was included in 'The Photobook: A History Volume II' by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger and she has authored eighteen more titles.

Photo books by Terri WEIFENBACH (a selection)

'In Your Dreams' (1997); 'Hunter Green' (2000); 'Instruction Manual #2' (2001); 'Instruction Manual #3' (2001); 'Snake Eyes' (2002); 'Lana' (2003); 'Some insects. One Picture Book #67' (2010); 'Between Maple and Chestnut' (2012); '17 Days' (2012);  'Gift' (2014, with Rinko KAWAUCHI); 'Des Oiseaux' (2019); 'Cloud Physics' (2021)

'Cloud Physics' by Terri WEIFENBACH explores the photographic ability to capture the transience of natural phenomena. Tiny variations of light and humidity, golden clouds, plant life rustling with moisture, animal presence in the depths of the forest.
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The book 'Between Maple and Chestnut' by Terri WEIFENBACH is about the idyllic home - starting point in the 'American somewhere'. Through the use of selective focus & shallow depth of field, the photographer enters a space between painting & photography.
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The color photographs in the book 'Lana' by Terri WEIFENBACH were taken in same named small Italian village in the mountains of South Tyrol. The American photographer creates images that breathtakingly, dream-like & enchanting memories of hazy summer days
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No. 467/500 & 466/500, HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 1 signed print, 14,5 x 18,5 x 1 cm., 16 pp., 14 four-color plates, no text, Ltd. to 500 numbered copies
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In 'In Your Dreams' Terri WEIFENBACH creates images based on scenes that are familiar to every viewer, with results that are dreamlike. Her photos are profoundly beautiful, not superficial. Included in: Parr & Badger - 'The Photobook: A History, Volume 2'
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Terri WEIFENBACH's photos, taken in her private garden, reveal the secret world of nature inhabited by birds that nest in urban gardens. The American photographer immerses us in the infinitely small, 'Des Oiseaux' takes us into a living & wonderful world.
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HC with color Type C print tipped in the front cover), green matt paper-covered boards with title printed on cover, 35 x 46,5 cm., 68 pp., with 33 four-color & 53 duotone plates offset with matt lacquer (printed on 157 gsm Japanese White A Matt Art paper
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'Gift' is the subtle story of a friendship with images full of poetry. American Terri WEIFENBACH and Japanese Rinko KAWAUCHI are two internationally recognized photographers who have been corresponding across continents and exchanging photos since 2011.
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