About the Japanese photographer, Yūkichi WATABE (1924-1993)

"Yūkichi WATABE (渡部 雄吉) was a Japanese documentary photographer who began his career after World War II, at a time when the Japanese people were turning to a new order (and a new spirit) while still suffering from the tremendous damage of the war. This was the time of great chaos and change in Japan. In Watabe's photographs, one can see the moments that symbolize the atmosphere of that time, and also the people who lived simply but were full of energy. While he focused on objectivity as a photojournalist, Yukichi WATABE looked at the lives of Japanese people with a sincere, warm heart.
Long after his death, his work became known and recognized in the West. In 2006, a rare book dealer in London purchased a large number of his photographs, from which a remarkable cinematic photo volume, 'A Criminal Investigation' was compiled and published in 2011. This widely acclaimed 'film noir' book brought him well-deserved attention for his warm but honest documentation of a recovering Japan." (slightly modified text, © Ibasho)

Photo books by, about and featuring works by Yukichi WATABE.

'To The Sea'; 'Postwar Japan'; 'Gods of Kumano' (1968); 'Alaska Eskimo' (1979); 'Morocco' (1994); 'Outstanding Japanese Photographers' (2000); 'A Criminal Investigation' (2011, 2012); 'Stakeout Diary' (2013, 2014, 2022)

In 'Stakeout Diary', Yukichi WATABE follows the investigation of a murder that occurred in 1958. Parts of the series already appeared that time in a magazine, others in the book 'A Criminal Investigation'. The photos were new selected for this publication
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In out-of-print photo volume 'A Criminal Investigation', Yukichi WATABE documents investigations into a gruesome murder. The images unfold in the style of 'film noir' and involve the viewer. Image by image, the mystery engulfs the one who has to solve it.
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