the (M) éditions is an editor dedicated to the publication of beautiful books intended to present the works of contemporary artists through unique works in limited edition.

3 carnets (24 x 33 cm.) with 33 b/w ills.,
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In 'Sakura', Yoshinori MIZUTANI attempts to visualize the movement of his observing eyes as well as distill the visual experience of meditating & wandering over the blossom tree. He shows that photography is also capable of capturing the passage of time.
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The volume 'Kill the Pig' by Masahisa FUKASE brings together two series, first shown in 1961. 'Kill the Pig', was taken in a slaughterhouse in Shibaura, Tokyo. 'Naked' shows the photographer himself and his then partner Yukiyo Kawakami in various poses.
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The book 'Absentee' by Sayuri ICHIDA deals with the transience of existence and is an impressive representation of the feeling of detachment. By juxtaposing one's own body with everyday objects, the boundary between man and the things he has created blurs
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'Mukayu' by Paul CUPIDO is part#3 of his project, which includes humble, ephemeral, poetic works that are printed with the utmost care and precision. The publication, made up of various papers, has a gentle flow in which separate images merge into a whole
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'The World's First Photobook Was Blue', by ALBÁRRAN CABRERA shows their work as well as explains their artistic process. The title is a reference to Anna ATKINS, the spiral binding to BRASSAI and the book itself is a tribute to photography's complexity.
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New edition. 'So it goes, so it goes' by Miho KAJIOKA presents a work about time, memory and place. The series shows intuitive images of fragments of their everyday life at different points in time. Inspiration was Kurt Vonnegut's novel 'Schlachthof 5'.
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Leporello, 11 x 14,5 cm., 29 ills., Ltd. to 70 regular editions, 30 editions with a small print, 5 expl. with a bigger print
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'No more no less' is an exciting photo book project. The edition by 'the (M) éditions' is very different from the results of two other publishers with identical source material, which was based on a found, illustrated manuscript on photographic portraits.
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This out-of-print photo volume, 'Pale Blue' by the photographer duo ALBARRÁN CABRERA, is a symbolic journey to the origins of planet earth. Its design reflects different layers of the earth and times to remind us that everything is related to everything.
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