About the Ukrainian photographer, Mila TESHAIEVA (b. 1974)

Mila TESHAIEVA is an award-winning photographer who lives in Berlin and is a member of the international photo agency Ostkreuz. Her photographs have been exhibited worldwide, with recent exhibitions at the Haggerty Museum of Art and the Museum Kunst der Westfläche, and are held in several public and private collections.

Photo books by Mila TESHAIEVA and with works by Mila TESHAIEVA

'Promising Waters' (2013)
'InselWesen' (2016)
'Continent. In Search of Europe' (2020, compendium with Ostkreuz photographers
Jörg BRÜGGEMANN, Espen EICHHÖFER, Sibylle FENDT, Johanna-Maria FRITZ, Annette HAUSCHILD, Harald HAUSWALD, Heinrich HOLTGREVE, Tobias KRUSE, Ute MAHLER, Werner MAHLER, Dawin MECKEL, Thomas MEYER, Frank SCHINSKI, Jordis Antonia SCHLÖSSER, Ina SCHOENENBURG, Anne SCHÖNHARTING, Linn SCHRÖDER, Stephanie STEINKOPF, Heinrich VÖLKEL, Maurice WEISS, Sebastian WELLS und Sibylle BERGEMANN, 1941–2010))

The photos in 'InselWesen' by Mila TESHAIEVA are reminiscent of old paintings. They depict Föhr island as a dream world and emphasize the fragility of its real existence. Föhr's inhabitants feel connected to traditions & nature in an almost sacred way.
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The volumes ‘The Path to Freedom' tell Ukraine's historical path of a struggle for freedom. They portray the important events from the 1st attempts at a revolution through its photographic language and look at photography's development during this period.
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The pictures contained in 'Promising Waters' by ukrainian photographer Mila TESHAIEVA show an atmosphere of uncertainty in which people place their hopes on a transformation whose direction remains uncertain. Photolucida Critical Mass Book Award 2012.
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The compendium 'KONTINENT', published on the occasion of same named exhibition in Berlin, contains color and b/w photographs of the participating Ostkreuz photographers. It addresses the most important issues currently preoccupying the European population
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