About the American photographer, Deanna TEMPLETON (b. 1969, in Huntington Beach, CA)

Deanna TEMPLETON is an American artist working primarily in photography. At the age of 15, she started to photograph the Los Angeles punk scene. Early in her photography career, she traveled with her husband, Ed TEMPLETON, and other professional skateboarders on their international tours, documenting the scene. Her photographs from that period embody a unique perspective of skateboarding and skateboard culture because they reflect a female perspective of a sport which, at the time, was documented and dominated by men.

Photo books by and with contributions by Deanna TEMPLETON

'What She Said' (2021); 'Body: The Photography Book' (2019); 'Yesterday. Tokyo' (2019); 'This Land, San Francisco' (2018); 'The Swimming Pool in Photography' (2018); 'Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze' (2017); 'The Moon Has Lost Her Memory' (2017); 'Contemporary Suburbium' (2017); 'Swimming Pool' 2016); 'Scratch My Name On Your Arm' (2011); 'Your Logo Here' (2007)

Photo volume 'What She Said' contains portraits that Deanna TEMPLETON made in the USA, Europe, Australia & Russia in combination with gig flyers as well as her own diary entries from the 1980s. A disclosure of growing up, full of humor and pathos.
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In 'Scatching My Name on Your Arm', the American photographer Deanna TEMPLETON documents the prevailing trend in California in the early 2000s that famous surfers' immortalize 'themselves on their fans' bare skin or underwear and bathing clothes.
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