In 'Witness Number 7,' Todd HIDO creates a connection between his photographs of vacant interiors of foreclosed homes and portraits of Leon Borensztein. HIDO's powerful, surreal images evoke a longing for the time when things were better in these homes.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), approx. 24 x 30 x 2 cm., color ills., no text, Ltd. to only 21 copies
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The color photographs in this small photo volume, 'Lucky Cat' by Japanese Koji ONAKA, are rather pictures of ordinary places and situations. But would you agree with me if I said: 'Isn't Koji ONAKA the only legitimate Japanese successor to Stephen SHORE'?
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Slipcased HC with dust jacket, 30 x 38 x 2 cm. (12 x 15 in.), 68 pp., 35 four color ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 350 numbered copies
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The objects in the photo volume '¥ € $ U $' by Pawel JASZCZUK are sometimes so screaming & grotesque that the meaning of religion can at least be examined not only for the people in Poland. The photographs are printed on paper with a high-gloss varnish.
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Loose-leaf publication in a metallic gold bag, 30,5 x 38 x 1 cm., 40 pp., color ills.,
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2nd print run, pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 14 x 21 x 0,5 cm., 120 pp., 61 b/w ills., no text, Ltd. to 50 copies
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In the context of 2016 in the USA, photographer Alejandro CARTAGENA in the photo book 'Santa Barbara Return Back Jobs to US' appears to be a lone shooter who watches his next victim through a telescopic sight in order to pull the trigger the next moment.
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Linen bound HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 27 x 22 x 2 cm., 136 pp., 76 b/w ills., bilingual texts: German / English
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'One Tree', the third monograph by Machiel BOTMAN, contains a collection of images that are dark & hopeful, as well as challenging & inviting. It ends with BOTMAN's short story, 'The Hawk & the Cat', which plays beautifully with the preceding images.
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