'At the Edge of Pictures' is the first monographic study of life and work of John STEZAKER. By using the eventful decades of the 1970s and 80s as a prism, Yuval Etgar offers a new reading of his mode of operation and a mapping of the strategies of collage
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The photo volume 'Coming and Going' by Jim GOLDBERG tells a wider story of the universal shape of our lives through their loves & losses, comings & goings, and the ways we come to understand them - A significant contribution to contemporary bookmaking.
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The self-published photo volume 'Chapitre 2 - Claudine. A story about family, hoarding, love and loneliness' by Ariane TOUSSAINT is about great-aunt Claudine, a hoarder, old and frail. Life & home depend on the delicate balance between love and loneliness
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In her collages, British artist LINDER uses an uncompromising, feminist approach to question socially coded gender ideas and the sexual marketing of the female body. The catalog was developed in the form of a fanzine in close collaboration with the artist
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 23,5 x 33,5 x 2 cm., 124 pp., 65 b/w ills., multi-lingual text: English / French / Portuguese
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Catalog of the factory show in UK. 'Linderism' opens up new perspectives on the artist's work. The essays deal with the early photomontages and more recent developments in her work, in which a focus on spirituality, the occult and the surreal can be seen.
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HEARTFIELD turned the original documentary character of the press photos used upside down and actively used his art visually and with pointed humor against war and fascism. Statements by contemporary artists illuminate his work in the age of fake news.
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'John Heartfield. Buchgestaltung und Fotomontage' - Book Design & Photomontage - documents a collection of his work, which allows to gain an overview of his work as a graphic designer. All titles are arranged both chronologically and alphabetically.
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Pb. with dust jacket, 22 x 30 x 1,5 cm., 220 pp., b/w & (a few) color ills., text language: Japanese
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