'Flaneur durch das nächtliche Paris' concentrates BRASSAI's 1930s night images. Located between reportage, social documentation & poetic vision, his nocturnal Paris from the interwar period is above all a milestone in the history of younger photography.
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Second edition. The photo book 'Eternal London' by Giacomo BRUNELLI contains black and white photographs of London at night, in which the Italian photographer seems to follow passers-by at every turn to pass the sights of the city to document them.
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'A Play of Light and Shadow' offers a view of the work by Ara GÜLER providing the opportunity to explore iconic and unknown parts of it. He created reportage photography, portraits and his versatility can also be seen in experimental collages in color.
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In 'Sunset Memory' by Peter WATERSCHOOT, we find ourselves in a cinematographic dream world in colorful night photographs from neon blue to warm-toned colors. It's about the experience of the human species in a rapidly changing world. In English or French
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Out-of-print photo book set 'Nocturnes' explores six different photographic journeys - by Tiane Doan na CHAMPASSAK, Gert JOCHEMS, Olivier PIN-FAT, Daisuke YOKOTA, Aaron McELROY and Esther VONPLON - into ‘the night’. Different papers for each photo essay.
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The photographic book 'Tehran North' by Iranian-born photographer Shirana SHABBAZI is a subjective road movie taken from a moving car at night through the Iranian capital in 2015, offering a kaleidoscopic black-and-white vision of Tehran's urban landscape
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Captured within the volume 'Flower' by Japanese photographer Sakiko NOMURA, former assistant of Nobuyosi ARAKI, are an array of images of flowers, nude portraits and photographed landscapes all exuding fleshly and sensuous emotions throughout each page.
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In the mid-1970s, Robert ADAMS began with the record of nocturnal scenes near his home. Suburban houses, roads, sidewalks & fields, transfigured by moon- and lamplight. 25 years after first publishing follows the second reprint, now in an enlarged edition
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The color images of Vienna by Klaus BOCK in his out-of-print 'Wien im Lichte der Nacht' offer the viewer a mischievous look at the former imperial grandeur. Undiscovered during the day, inconspicuous corners shine at night and develop an irresistible pull
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Swiss bound HC (illustrated linen) with ONE C-type print (13 x 18 cm. no dust jacket, as issued), 128 pp., color ills., no text (book details in English), Ltd. to 300 copies
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