US photographer Edward WESTON kept a diary in which he recorded his struggle to understand himself, society and his art. 'The Daybooks of Edward Weston' were edited by Nancy Newhall in two volumes: one for his time in Mexico and one for Californian time.
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For his volume 'Wall and Peace', Kai WIEDENHÖFER has documented walls and barrier fences all over the world: in Berlin, Belfast, Mexico, Ceuta & Melilla, in Baghdad and the wall on the border line with the West Bank, with the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Egypt.
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Unlike in his thematic stories, out-of-print book 'Jahrebuch' by Ulrich WÜST reveals something very personal & private. Here, the world seems to be surrounded by a melancholy veil that does not conceal anything, but rather reveals the precision of vision.
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HC, 24 x 29,5 cm., 104 pp., 80 color ills., text language: English
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Linen bound HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 26 x 27,5 x 2 cm., 144 pp., b/w ills., English
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The book 'The Devil is Leaving His Cave' by Wendy EWALD shows the daily lives of Mayan communities im Mexico just before the devastating aftermath of the Zapatista uprising - complemented by new work created in collaboration with young Mexican Americans.
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'A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption' is the result of a long-term observation by Alejandro CARTAGENA of the right to public space. It shows how changes do not come from those affected themselves, but from investors interested in urban development.
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In the volume 'Mujercitos' Susan Vargas analyses photographs of men dressed as women published in the Mexican newspaper ¡Alarma! between 1963 and 1986. It shows how these images extensively influenced a national imaginary of non-normative sexualities.
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Self-published book 'Carpoolers' by Alejandro CARTAGENA draws attention to the sociological and economic aspects of the Mexican-American economy. We look from above directly onto the loading area of Mexican pickups that transport very different 'loads'.
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