HC, 25,5 x 29 cm., 96 pp., English
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SC, 17 x 22 cm., 64 pp., 21 tritone ills.
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'Monsanto' illuminates in form of an investigative photographic study, the facets of a chemical company. In order to establish itself globally, it presents itself as a future-oriented and salvific omnipotence. On the shortlist of the First Book Award 2016
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The monograph 'As far as I could get' on the work of California-based photographer John DIVOLA, covers four decades of his work and explores a total of ten large series. Anyone interested in contemporary American photography will appreciate this volume.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 19 x 27 cm., 120 pp., 75 color ills., Ltd. to 300 copies (!)
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'La Résidence' by JH ENGSTROEM, consists of 29 snapshot-like triptychs interspersed with his typically restrained images on borderless double-page spreads and brief diary commentary. JH intends to make the absurdity of human existence profoundly tangible.
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HC (without dust jacket, as issued), 22 x 27 cm., 92 pp., Chinese/English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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Facsimile of the first book by GILBERT & GEORGE, first published in 1971. 'Side by Side' it is a proclamation of their view of life and art in the form of poetic texts & pictures. The envelope was marbled by hand and every book is numbered and signed.
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The photo volume 'Country.Rock' by Morten ANDERSEN is about the escape from current political and social failures as well as myths and dreams. It features nature and documentary photos against the backdrop of a sci-fi-inspired, post-apocalyptic narrative.
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Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 25 x 27 x 3 cm., 240 S., viele S/W-Abb., 1550 gr., eutsch-sprachiger Text - TEXT ONLY IN GERMAN!
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