This out-of-print photo volume, 'Passé Imparfait: La Route de devenir photographe,' by Ralph GIBSON, surveys the beginnings of the American photographer's career in San Francisco (1960 to 1963), Los Angeles (1963 to 1966), and New York in 1967 - 1970).
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The photo volume 'Sight' by Yoko ASAKAI contains portraits of people from all over the world watching a film at home. The relationship between looking and being looked at is explored. The concentrated-portrait subjects seem to be unaware of the camera.
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Out-of-print photographic volume 'Remaining Light' by Jordan SULLIVAN combines photographs taken on Skid Row and in an office building in downtown Los Angeles with text excerpted from Eugene Ionesco's novel 'The Hermit'. Laser-printed on uncoated paper.
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In 'Rodeo Drive' Anthony HERNANDEZ not only documents the urban live, his photos also show the complexity of social spaces. In a single shopping street, which is a symbol of civic success, the socio-economic tensions between the classes become visible.
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The retrospective catalog about Anthony HERNANDEZ provides a comprehensive introduction to his career spanning more than forty years, tracing both his evolution and highlighting the continuities in his practice with many photographs previously unpublished
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'Silver + Chrome' contains earliest works by Mitch EPSTEIN, taken in N.Y., L.A. as well as New Orleans. With the OK of his teacher Garry WINOGRAND he documented from 1973 until 1976 the urban chaos of that complicated time alternately in color and in b/w.
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The book 'L.A. 1971' contains the first black and white recordings by Anthony HERNANDEZ. The pictures were all taken in one day in L.A. The design of the book is based directly on the project and exudes the same stringency that characterizes the project.
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In 'Rivers Run Through It' Mark RUWEDEL follows the Los Angeles River to the Pacific Ocean. Using large and medium format, he recalls 19th century photographers like WATKINS & O'SULLIVAN as well as 'New Topographics' photographers of the 1970s
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HC, 34 x 34 cm., 160 pp., English
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The out-of-print photo book 'Drive' by Andrew BUSH presents a voyeuristic look at Los Angeles motorists in their own driving living rooms. The captions are tantamount to notes on the speed and direction of travel he made during sue accompanying drive.
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