Softcover (no dust jacket, as issued), 18 x 24 x1 cm., 80 pp., approx 53 b/w ills., afterword and history of Chikuho, in Japanese only.
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'Quitting Your Day Job. Chauncey Hare's Photographic Work' addresses the difficult relationship between art & politics that has defined the career of Chauncey HARE. Robert Slifkin draws on largely unexplored material to analyze these brilliant photographs
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SC in slipcase with DVD (34 min.), 19 x 24 cm., 124 pp., 53 color ills., German & English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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Limited photo volume 'Under the Apple Tree' by Regina ANZENBERGER shows portraits of family members taken with an analog Rolleiflex camera. The apple tree is both a real setting anchored in her biography and a place of longing to which there is no return.
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This photo limited-edition photo volume, 'Goze' by Japanese photographer Shoko HASHIMOTO offers an unprecedented look at a masterful series set in the 1970s that features a group of blind entertainers who told stories in exchange for food and shelter.
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'Miuramisaki' is a narrow, large-format photo book in a beautiful slipcase. The six b/w photographs show the snake that the Japanese master photographer Issei SUDA encountered at home in 1975 and that has thus found its way into the world of photo books.
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Re-edit, pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), ca. 20 x 25 x 1 cm., 32 pp., b/w ills., Ltd. to 250 copies with 2 different silk-screened covers (= 500 copies in total!)
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This set of four signed photo volumes - 'Shimagatari', 'Cascade', 'Dreaming' and 'By the Sea' - all by Japanese photographer Yasuhiro OGAWA offers a very deeper understanding in his work as well as in the Younger Japanese Color & Blacknwhite Photography.
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The book 'Glitter Blues' by Lorenzo CASTORE deals with transvestites in Catania, Sicily. This black & white and color series shows urban motifs as well as interiors and portraits. Two essays in English close the book, which is designed by Aneta KOWALCZYK.
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Vorzugsausgabe mit sign. & num. Originalabzug (Aufl. 20 +2 hc) in gewebebezogener Grafikmappe. Buch: HC, 32,5 x 28,5 cm., 120 pp., 112 ills.(43 in color), German & English
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