The NZ-Library Set #2 consists of six signed hardcover photo volumes from Robbert FLICK / Kazuo KITAI / Philip MELNICK / John SCHOTT / Toshio SHIBATA / Mark STEINMETZ. In an extra made slipcase, richly illustrated, texts in English, Ltd. to 350 copies!
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In 'Photobooks &' researcher Matt Johnston explores trends & practices based on research, interviews & his own experiences. He proposes a critical framework for looking at photo book use and calls for a reorientation to address its communicative potential
22,50 € * Weight 0.5 kg
The catalogue 'Photobooks. Art Page by Page' accompanies an exhibition with a selection of 45 photo books from recent decades, focusing on unusual concepts, designs & forms of presentation that reveal the potential of the photo book as an artistic medium.
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'Quitting Your Day Job. Chauncey Hare's Photographic Work' addresses the difficult relationship between art & politics that has defined the career of Chauncey HARE. Robert Slifkin draws on largely unexplored material to analyze these brilliant photographs
from 20,00 € Weight 0.4 kg
This set, 'Short Cut', by Finnish photographers Aapo HUHTA, Akseli VALMUNEN & Filippo ZAMBON - contains three subjective takes on the idea of home and its meaning. Each book is printed on a different paper, with a different technique and silkscreen covers
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'Transgalactic. Photography. Gender. Transition' highlights works by trans and/or queer artists and their authentic testimonies that break gender stereotypes. Texts and images explore the diversity of perspectives on photography, gender and transition.
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The volumes ‘The Path to Freedom' tell Ukraine's historical path of a struggle for freedom. They portray the important events from the 1st attempts at a revolution through its photographic language and look at photography's development during this period.
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Published in newspaper format, '40 Jahre laif. 40 Positionen dokumentarischer Fotografie' is both an exhibit and a catalog of the exhibition of the same name, which celebrates the anniversary of the German photographers agency from Cologne.
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In her book of photographs 'Empty Nests' Atsuko Murano ABALOS does not show the nothingness, but rather she confirms the existence of a bright and wonderful world that can be found in these 'empty nests'. The volume shows stork nests in the French Alsace.
39,50 € * Weight 0.6 kg
The photographs in 'Radius 500 Meters', come from the photo archive that the author Terje ABUSDAL inherited from his grandfather, Åsmund Abusdal. The snapshots tell of small and large events in and around the gas station in Sweden in the 1970s and 1980s.
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