'Shirley BAKER' presents a uniquely female portrayal of life from the 1950s to 2000. Edited by Lou Stoppard it features better known photographs from Manchester, Salford & Blackpool combined with previously unseen material from UK, France, Italy & Japan.
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The out-of-print volume 'Aeronautics in the Backyard' by Xiaoxiao XU is about the dream to fly, as well as freedom and creativity. Text, image as well as historical resources were combined to strengthen and deepen the theme as comprehensively as possible.
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The photo volume and debut book 'The Voyage of Discovery' by Carly STEINBRUNN purports to be a scientific report. Based on photographs by Gustave LE GRAY and Karl BLOSSFELDT as well as by using found images, she questions the transparency of photography.
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The opulent photo volume 'Desert of Pharan. Unofficial stories behind the mass expansion of Mecca' by Ahmed MATER offers a unique access to this site and the associated social and religious rituals as well as the planned architectural urban development.
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'Good Hope' by Carla LIESCHING, combines essays and found photographs with sources ranging from apartheid-era trade journals, tourist pamphlets, magazines to current newspapers and family albums. A critical examination of contemporary settler colonialism.
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For over three decades, Toshio SHIBATA has traveled throughout his native Japan and the United States. The images in his out-of-print volume 'Contacts', taken in this area, have the cool detachment characteristic of many contemporary landscape photographs
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'Le Collége' by Florian van ROEKEL deals about everyday life at school and about growing up. Possibly the young people are enabled by the pictures to see themselves, each other and their school with new eyes and learn to discover poetry in everyday life.
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Der Band 'Blue Prints', ist eine Hommage an eine Pionierin der Fotografie und eine große britische Künstlerin, Anna ATKINS, die 1843 den ersten Fotoband der Geschichte schuf. Er enthält eine Auswahl der schönsten Cyanotypien sowie Texte von Rolf Sachsse.
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In 'Surfacing', Katinka GOLDBERG searches the confrontation with the picture of her mother. The combination of current portraits and older photographs brings to light both differences & commonalities. The idiosyncratic book develops its power over time.
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The photo book 'Far Away' by Ahmet UNVER examines the Turkish community that still does not feel part of Swedish society. His parents moved to Sweden as migrant workers from Turkey. The images illustrate feelings of isolation and the search for identity.
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