'Tito' by Friso KEURIS and designed by Teun van der HEJDEN, deals with the self-image of the then Yugoslav President Tito, using photos of the preserved, shielded summer residence. The inside part establishes a connection to the later committed war crimes
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The photographic volume 'Gone?' by Robert ADAMS begins with a walk in a suburban neighborhood. Within a few images the viewer has moved away from civilization and into the hills, where we discover streams and secluded places that feel relatively untouched
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Japanese bound pb. with dust jacket, 15 x 21 x 0,5 cm., 32 pp., color ills., bilingual (only informations): bilinguale text: Japanese / English, Ltd. to 500 numered copies
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Using the photo archives of the CERN lab David FATHI manipulated & recontextualized images to tell about the myth that Wolfgang P., one of the founders of quantum mechanics, would just by presence cause unexplainable failures of equipment & experiments.
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For his out-of-print photographic volume 'Ontem' (Portuguese: yesterday), André CEPEDA has studied the lives of the inhabitants of Porto, taking landscapes, interiors and portraits of people who are often hopeless and without perspective.
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In 'Pursuit', Richard PAK juxtaposes the reality of everyday American life with a mental construction, seeing it as a metaphor for a larger experience. His photographs suggest rather than describe, translating the small dramas of life into the universal.
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This photo volume 'The Moth' by Jem SOUTHAM has its origins in a black-and-white photograph taken in Cornwall in 1983. From this moment, the book unfolds like a succession of memories, only briefly interrupted by a sublime moment of the rural environment.
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Brutalist architecture & concrete fascinate Sue BARR (professor of photography, London). With her large format camera, the British woman traversed all of Italy from the Alps to Naples and photographed the previously largely ignored motorway architecture.
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'Apropos Visionär. Der Fotograf Horst H. BAUMANN' accompanies a retrospective, curated by Hans Michael Koetzle, a rediscovery of the exceptional photographic talent, which for the first time also pays tribute to his contribution to 'New Color' photography
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