Found negatives from the Photo Kandiye archive are the basis for the self-published volume 'Fading Away' by the Turkish photographer Murat Yusuf SEN. The two texts contained therein also name the political aspect of the disappearance of people.
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In this book, 'Working in Los Angeles', the Irish-born photographer Brian CROSS (B+), who moved to Los Angeles in 1990, portrays twelve men and two women chapter by chapter in square color photographs as well as in texts and interviews in the appendix.
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The large-format photographs in the photo volume 'Ortszeit / Local Time. Fotografien 1990-2004' by Stefan KOPPELKAMM allow a detailed reading of all the traces of time: the dramatic social and economic changes after German reunification become visible.
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'She dances on Jackson' by Vanessa WINSHIP is the result of travelings across the United States - from California to Virginia, from New Mexico to Montana - always in search of the 'American Dream'. It contains her typical portraits & landscape photographs
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'Meridian' by Simon JOHNSTON with photographs from across England, a graphic intervention reflects the way in which we lay a rational grid over the globe and map and regulate space and time in order to better coordinate and facilitate trade and navigation
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 19,5 x 30 x 1 cm., 52 pp., b/w ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 150 numbered copies
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Rubber binded pb. in newspaper format (no dust jacket, as issued), 20,5 x 33 x 1 cm., 60 pp., 15 posters in color, no text - Ltd. to 500 copies
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Open thread stitched pb., risograph printing, 14 x 20 cm., o.pp., Ltd. to 100 numbered copies
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This portraits are the result of a project started in 1988 and a tribute to those Kaunas Jews who once escaped death in concentration camps. It is SUTKUS' expression of attempts at understanding, penitence, purification and rebirth. Thank you, Mr SUTKUS.
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In this book, 'Halland', Gerry JOHANSSON shows how wind power changes the experience of the landscape, where small wind turbines built in the coastal and agricultural landscape are being replaced by larger wind farms in the forest and mountain landscape.
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