'Paradise Now' by Peter BIALOBRZESKI presents fragments of nature in the artificially illuminated infrastructure of major Asian cities. In the sun from car headlights and illuminated skyscrapers, the urban green alternates between hyperreal and surreal.
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The book 'My Dearest Javanese Concubine' by Luca DESIENNA is a love story. Two social outcasts - Tira, a 48-year-old transsexual & Dayang, a disposable person without family - in faraway Indonesia find a way to love each other regardless of their origins.
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In 'Reading the Landscape', Olaf Otto BECKER documents the overexploitation of nature with images showing idyllic places of longing in Malaysia, Indonesia or California, as well as huge tracts of land deforested on behalf of international corporations.
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The out-of-print German-language catalog volume, 'Roger Ballen. Fotografien 1969-2009', accompanied the huge retrospective exhibition of the work of the New -ork-born photographer in Munich. It was also published as an English-language edition.
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