The photographs in 'Voll das Leben' by Harald HAUSWALD stand in contrast to the decay & insanity surrounding them. Pictures of the monotony, but also of the slowness of life in the GDR, testimonies of an isolated, enclosed world shortly before its demise.
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'Das Buch der verbrannten Bücher' by Volker Weidermann describes how the book burning on May 10, 1933 occurred, which titles were burned & what happened to the authors. With more than 100 stories of the lives & works of known, forgotten & foreign authors.
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Fadengeheftete, gebundene Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 14 x 18 cm., 144 S., 80 S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - TEXT ONLY IN GERMAN!
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The out-of-print volume 'Areal' by Joachim BROHM documents the transformation of an industrial area marked by unplanned growth into a modern residential & business park. He meticulously recorded the changes in urban structures over a period of 10 years.
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