Pb., 7 x 8¾", 132 pp., 64 color ills., handwritten text, bilingual texts: English / Georgian, Ltd. to only 87 handmade copies
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In addition to works selected by Eva BESNYÖ herself, the out-of-print volume contains previously never shown works with motifs from Budapest, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Milan with attention to light, shadow, cropping and line play.
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Open thread stitched pb., risograph printing, 14 x 20 cm., o.pp., Ltd. to 100 numbered copies
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This portraits are the result of a project started in 1988 and a tribute to those Kaunas Jews who once escaped death in concentration camps. It is SUTKUS' expression of attempts at understanding, penitence, purification and rebirth. Thank you, Mr SUTKUS.
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In this book, 'Halland', Gerry JOHANSSON shows how wind power changes the experience of the landscape, where small wind turbines built in the coastal and agricultural landscape are being replaced by larger wind farms in the forest and mountain landscape.
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The book 'The Naval Base' is about a Dutch town that was built, bombed and rebuilt by the government. Rob HORNSTRA documents how people live in and with the naval base. The photos are accompanied by text and commentary; the design is by KUMMER & HERRMAN.
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This spiral-bound photo volume, 'Industries' by Josef KOUDELKA, contains 40 panoramic photographs showing factories and quarries, as well as huge mining complexes and abandoned zones, transporting the reader to a feeling between grandeur and bewilderment.
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The book 'Havana Buzz' by Alessandro COSMELLI does not show the image that the world knows of Havana: vintage cars or dilapidated buildings, but the portrait of a state of mind. The color images were taken from city buses at the end of Fidel Castro's time
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 30 x 24 cm., 96 pp., 50 color ills., text language: English
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