The photographs in 'Voll das Leben' by Harald HAUSWALD stand in contrast to the decay & insanity surrounding them. Pictures of the monotony, but also of the slowness of life in the GDR, testimonies of an isolated, enclosed world shortly before its demise.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 23,5 x 17,5 x 1 cm., 135 pp., color ills.,
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Linen bound HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 31 x 31 x 4 cm., 312 pp., 200 b/w ills., 2,900 gr., Dutch
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Because of his humanistic photography, SUTKUS is considered the Eastern European counterpart to CARTIER-BRESSON. Books' title has been chosen suitably because it reflects exactly what constitutes the breeding ground for the work of the Lithuanian legend.
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This out-of-print photo volume, 'Pale Blue' by the photographer duo ALBARRÁN CABRERA, is a symbolic journey to the origins of planet earth. Its design reflects different layers of the earth and times to remind us that everything is related to everything.
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The poetic and radical photographs by Jindřich ŠTREIT are also part of the photo volume 'Village People 1965-1990'. He created a universal image of man and his black and white photos are among the great classics of humanistic photography.
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The four-photo-volumes-set 'HAITI. The Perpetual Liberation' by Thomas KERN is a moving portrait of a country, a special example of the power of analog b/w photography and an essay that creates a differentiated and emotionally moving picture of Haiti.
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Fadengeheftete, gebundene Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 14 x 18 cm., 144 S., 80 S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - TEXT ONLY IN GERMAN!
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HC with dust jacket, 20,5 x 26,5 x 2,5 cm., 264 pp., 206 color ills., bilingual text: German & English
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