'In My Room' contains nude studies in black and white that Saul LEITER made indoors in his studio in New York, often illuminated by the lush natural light. In the 1970s he planned to turn them into a book, which was never realized during his lifetime.
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'Theatre of Memory' by Eikoh HOSOE with photographs of Butoh dancers Tatsumi Hijikata (in 'Kamaitachi') as well as Kazuo Ohno ('Butterfly Dream') shows the ability to bring memories to life through the intersection of photography, dance theater & painting
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The photo book 'Emotions in between Emotions' by Steve Dean MENDES invites on a journey through the art of portraiture. Inspired by the great Flemish Old Masters and the Pre-Raphaelites, he shows people with all their natural fragility and beauty of soul.
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In this out-of-print photo volume, 'Nude', American photographer Ralph GIBSON shows a collection of nudes, his best works. His mysterious, dreamlike images pay homage to such greats as MAN RAY and Edward WESTON, while continually pursuing new frontiers.
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The book 'Das Magische Auge' (Magic Eye) shows the versatile work of Herbert LIST. Many of his photographs were taken in cities like Hamburg, Paris or Athens and exude an aura of mystery: Thus he wanted to illustrate the profound and ambiguous of reality.
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'Kagero and Colors' by Daido MORIYAMA, contains full-color color & b/w photographs. It brings together a variety of previously unseen color nudes along with the collection he published back in 1972 in his now highly sought after fourth monograph 'Kagerou'
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This out-of-print catalog volume shows how Bill BRANDT - a German-British key figure in 20th century photography - was fascinated by the strange and dark aspects of life, from his earliest photographs from the 1930s to his late portraits and body studies.
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The catalog 'I need to live' captures the depth of Juergen TELLER's photographic achievement, the unconventional fusion of personal experience and his commercial work, realized in portraits, landscapes, nudes, still lifes and ever-changing self-portraits.
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'Vier Frauen. Vier Lebensläufe: Fotografieren in der DDR' focuses on female photographers from Saxony - Christine STEPHAN-BROSCH, Evelyn KRULL, Gerdi SIPPEL and May VOIGT - who are representative of a large number, some of whom have almost been forgotten.
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In the book 'For my Mother' Ren HANG tells in a playful way about feelings, fears as well as the loneliness of the young generation in China. His works stand for the rebellion against conventions, where nudity and sexual freedom are subject to censorship.
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