'White Noise' by Takehiko NAKAFUJI, focuses on Japan's capital. The photos mix genres and styles: b/w street photography as well as almost psychedelically colorful architectural shots. It reflects the experience of Tokyo in endless labyrinthine structures
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The out-of-print photographic volume 'The Albanians' by Danish conflict photographer Joachim LADEFOGED contains documentation of the history of the Albanians begun in 1997. Continuous work in the region culminated in the publication of this book in 2000.
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Weit mehr als Perfektion und Glamour haben Peter LINDBERGH die Ausstrahlung, Individualität sowie die Persönlichkeit der Frauen vor seiner Kamera interessiert – Qualitäten, die man eher mit der Portrait- als der Modephotographie verbindet.
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Hannah STARKEY explores women and what it means to be female. From early productions to London Women's March documentary, 'Photographs 1997-2017', shows authoritative image-making and serves as an important touchstone for discussions about the female gaze
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'Transgalactic. Photography. Gender. Transition' highlights works by trans and/or queer artists and their authentic testimonies that break gender stereotypes. Texts and images explore the diversity of perspectives on photography, gender and transition.
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Lee FRIEDLANDER has explored self-portraiture throughout his career. What began as an unorthodox exploration of the genre has evolved into a masterful pursuit, as the photo volume 'In the Picture. Self-Portraits 1958-2011' shows in 400 duotone images.
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This monograph, dedicated to the portraits of William EGGLESTON shows ninety faces. In the last fifty years he photographed friends, his family and numerous artists such as Elvis Presley or Joe Strummer, actor Dennis Hopper as well as David Lynch.
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Author Book Award 2021. The book 'Freedom Is Not Free' by Mashid MOHADJERIN, accompanies an exhibition that explores the private and public worlds of Iranian women who grew up after the 1979 revolution, and significant places from the artist's childhood.
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A compact monograph by Peter LINDBERGH with his work from 1996 to 1998. Bound as a portfolio, it shows several of the photographer's projects. The pictures are typical Peter LINDBERGH work: stylish, sexy and flawless in execution.
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The out-of-print photo book 'Fakes' by Boris BECKER shows objects with a secret: they contained smuggled goods or are products from brand piracy. Their curious stories often only flash up in the factual picture titles like: Bowling Ball Cocaine Costa Rica
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