'A Parallel Road' by Amani WILLETT, explores in a nuanced & multi-layered way the themes of history, racism, violence as well as black identity in the USA. It reflects on the past & present within a major American theme and encourages an integral dialogue
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This book, 'Baghdad Calling' by Geert van KESTEREN, is an appeal to the Western coalition. It shows everyday life in Iraq in 2006/07 through hundreds of photographs taken with cell phones or digital cameras, showing places that journalists dared not enter
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Strictly limited to 130 cps., 'Panopticon' by Riccardo DOGANA is a reflection of media content. Using selected topics from the last decade - emigration, climate change, wars, organized crime, terrorism - the truthfulness of the WorldWideWeb is questioned.
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The book 'Von Ort zu Ort / The 12 Year Walk) by Thorsten BAENSCH is a long-term project documenting a trek through seven countries. This illustrated travelogue takes the reader on a journey marked by various leitmotifs such as danger, death, and nature
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Minimalist publication 'Mountain' by Ursula SCHULZ-DORNBURG, now out of print at the publisher, presents her 2006 cycle of black-and-white images of the mythical Mount Ararat in eastern Anatolia. The English-language introductory is by Hartwig Fischer.
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The atalogue cvolume 'Roger Ballen. Call of the Void' combines color & b/w images from the photo series 'Asylum of the Birds' and 'Roger's Rats' as well as a three-dimensional, walk-in multimedia work that forces the viewer to confront their own emptiness
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'Salt Pans' by Edward BURTYNSKY explores industrial landscapes all over the world. The book consists of 31 aerial color photographs of the salt pans in the Little Rann of Kutch. These striking geometric images were created over 10 days from a helicopter.
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