With 'Across the Ravaged Land' the trilogy by Nick BRANDT about the disappearance of animals in East Africa is ending. In addition to powerful animal portraits, people appear for the first time; essays summarize his odyssey that spanned more than a decade
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Out-of-print book 'Afghanistan' by Steve McCURRY shows photos taken since 1979, when he traveled there to report on the fight of the Mujahideen against Soviet occupiers and troops loyal to the government. For that he received the 'Robert Capa Gold Medal'.
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In 'Land ohne Eltern', Andrea DIEFENBACH describes the situation of migrant workers from Moldova. The photos illustrate the distance between two spatially separated worlds: that of the children left behind at home and that of the parents in the distance.
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In her photo volume 'Shadows in Paradise', Marianna ROTHEN delves into a complex meditation on femininity. In the opaque narrative in the aesthetics of the 1960s, the presence of a gun visually combines with fear and melancholy in carefully staged scenes.
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The out-of-print book 'México-Roma' by Graciela ITURBIDE is a complex book whose common thread is alone the vision of the photographer. The small volume consists of object photographers made between 1974 and 2009 in Mexico City, as well as in 2007 in Rome
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