'Die Amerikaner' is the German edition of this work that looked at the Americans from a new perspective and which revolutionized the aesthetics of the photo book. It was first published in 2008, on the occasion of the anniversary of the French original.
  • Format: Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag, 21,5 x 19 x 2,5 cm., 180 S., S/W-Aufnahmen, deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY! (english ed. here also to order, please check here the availability)
The book 'Magic Eye' offers an overview of the work of René GROEBLI. We discover his fascination for movement and speed. And we encounter the rich hues of his unique, innovative color photography, through which even commissioned works become timeless art.
  • Format: Printed klinen bound HC, 23,5 x 33,5 cm., 200 pp., 122 5-color & tritone b/w ills., bilingual texts: English / German, Ltd. to 800 copies
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This 13-volumes collection on the work of Swiss photographer Jakob TUGGENER, 'Books and Films' contains facsimile editions of the first twelve original book dummies from the years 1936 to 1982 as well as a selection of his 16 mm short films on DVD.
  • Format: Wooden (handmade9 cased 13 books, 30 x 34 cm., 1120 pp., 1000 ills., bilingual: German / English
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From post-empire to the new Middle Kingdom. For his series 'The Pearl River', photographer Christian LUTZ went to the Chinese special economic zone Macao. His photographic gaze laconically and insistently scans the smooth surfaces of this brave new world.
  • Book design: Pablo LAVALLEY
  • Format: HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 24 x 33 cm., 152 pp., 75 color ills., text language: English
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For 40 years the Swiss police officer Arnold ODERMATT captured accident scenes & property damage. What results from his official work is 'Karambolage', a selection of melancholic, sometimes funny & always strange atmospheric photos of our mobile society.
  • Format: Actual print run, HC with dust jacket, 24,5 x 32 x 3 cm., 408 pp., b/w ills., bilingual text: German / English
In 'Unresolved' Meinrad SCHADE examines how conflicts also show themselves in everyday life. The series, made in Israel & Palestine, is the continuation of his long-term project 'Krieg ohne Krieg' documenting landscapes and people in the grip of conflicts
  • Format: HC, 25 x 19,5 cm., 176 pp., 80 color ills., multilingual: German / English / Hebrew / Arabic
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'Ein gutes Bild muss scharf sein' closes a gap in the literature about Arnold ODERMATT, who as a self-taught photographer in the post-war period recorded accidents, police service, everyday life as well as his family with his 6x6 medium format camera.
  • Ed(s)/Author(s): Markus Hartmann
  • Format: Gebunden Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 16,5 x 24 x 1,5 cm., etwa. 96 S., etwa. 80 Aufnahmen, deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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  • Format: n.a.
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This photo volume set 'Seven Stories' by Robert FRANK is a collection of small volumes that represents a new stage in his practice. As always, his photographs and stories relate to life and milieu: houses in Mabou and New York or trips to China and Spain.
  • Format: Seven little brown pb. with staples in a cardboard case. With super glossy spot varnish on polaroïd illustrations. 10 x 14,5 x 3 cm., 124 pp., 93 ills., ltext anguage: English
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 24,5 x 30 cm., 216 pp., 128 color ills., English
  • Ed(s)/Author(s): Christian Caujolle
  • Format: HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 24,5 x 30 cm., 216 pp., 128 color ills., English
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