The theoretical volume 'Der Buchdruck in der frühen Neuzeit. Eine historische Fallstudie über die Durchsetzung neuer Infiormationas- und Kommunikationstechologien' in German by Michael Giesecke is a classic that has lost none of its relevance since 1991.
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In her German-language volume 'Das Leiden anderer betrachten,' Susan Sontag recapitulates the historical development of war photography from Spanish Civil War to Afghanistan, and asks: what does the sight of a suffering human being trigger in the viewer?
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Out-of-print photo book 'Vier mal vier. Photographs from Bargfeld' contains a selection of color photographs that Arno SCHMIDT took in Bargfeld and the surrounding area until his death in 1979. They show a trained eye for structures, nuances and details.
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With 'Zuhause', Einar SCHLEEF set a monument to his hometown Sangerhausen. The photos were taken in the mid-1970s at a deserted place, far away from the real existing socialism, captured by desolation and limited by bittersweet dreams of the stagnant time
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