This photo book set by Nick BRANDT includes the volumes 'The Day May Break' (2021) and 'The Day May Break. Chapter Two' (2023).
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Photo book 'The Silence of Dogs in Cars' by Martin USBORNE contains billboards of dogs silently peering through car windows. The staged photos evoke a mood of loneliness & longing. Yet they are less about dog portraits and more about separation in general
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In the photo book 'The Day May Break. Chapter Two' by Nick BRANDT, people and animals seem to be trying to find their way in a new world. In the Senda Verde wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia, they are already entering the new phase that our world has reached.
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This monograph, 'I am,' on Erwin OLAF chronologically traces his career from brash provocateur to official portraitist of the Dutch royal family. Between the series, his opinionated texts provide insights into the context and inspiration of his works.
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The works by Jeff WALL collected here include large-format slides, b/w images & color photo prints. More recent images enter into a dialog with works from the time of his artistic beginnings and reveal a variety of references in terms of content & form.
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For the volume 'Fashion Photography for America 1999-2016', German photographer Juergen TELLER photographed original W magazines and Barneys catalogs from his archives, a low-fi approach that emphasizes the physical process of reviewing his past work.
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The catalog 'I need to live' captures the depth of Juergen TELLER's photographic achievement, the unconventional fusion of personal experience and his commercial work, realized in portraits, landscapes, nudes, still lifes and ever-changing self-portraits.
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This out-of-print photo volume 'This empty world' by Nick BRANDT contains dramatically staged photographs that bring together and reveal animals and people in East Africa as victims of environmental destruction in an emotionally powerful, cinematic way.
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'White Shoes' by Nona FAUSTINE is a collection of self-portraits taken in locations around New York. She depicts herself at the sites of slave auctions & coastal locations where slave ships docked, posing nude apart from a pair of white high-heeled shoes.
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